2019 Webinar Series

New Webinars: Surfaces and Healthcare-Acquired Infections

Surfaces are the biggest contributing factor to the spread of healthcare acquired infections, yet the problem has not been addressed. There is a lack of understanding around the issue as a whole and this series will begin to unravel the confusion and bring clarity to the immediate need for attention to these issues.

The series will be completed over 6 weeks and will include written guidelines, checklists and open discussion around each topic.

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Week One: Understanding the Problem!

Before you can begin to address a problem, you must understand it. In this session, participants will get a clear understanding of the holistic and complex surfaces issues.

Week two: The Seven Aspects of Surfaces©

This week we’ll breakdown the Healthcare Surface Consulting methodology and discuss how to begin to look at the holistic surfaces issue.

Week Three: Developing solutions

There is no silver bullet. Instead, the solution comes by creating solutions that work as a system. In this session, we will discuss how to create system-style solutions.

Week Four: Empowered to Collaborate

Manufacturers bring innovative solutions to the healthcare industry and often unknowingly set healthcare professionals up for failure. In this session, we will discuss how this happens and how you can develop a collaboration with manufacturers to create test methods to validate products and instructions for use that can be implemented into existing infection prevention protocol and processes.

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