2019 Webinar Series

New Webinars: Surfaces and Healthcare-Acquired Infections

Surfaces are the biggest contributing factor to the spread of healthcare-acquired infections, yet the problem has not been addressed. There is a lack of understanding around the issue as a whole and these webinars will begin to unravel the confusion and bring clarity to the immediate need for attention to these issues.

The webinars include written guidelines, checklists and open discussion around each topic.

Recommended Audience:

Product Manufacturers
Architect and Design Professionals
Infection Prevention
Environmental Service Professionals
Facilities Management Professionals
Planning Design and Construction Teams
Directors of Nursing

Let’s Talk About the Surfaces Problem

“If we talk about the surfaces issue, we will have to do something about it.” Now is the time!

Research has shown that surfaces significantly contribute to the acquisition and spread of healthcare acquired infections, yet we never talk about the surface materials, textiles, and assembly of them within the healthcare environment, such as furnishing, medical equipment and medical devices. The problem begins with the materials and design, followed by how to effectively clean, disinfect and sterilize them.

In this session, participants will get a clear understanding of the holistic and complex surfaces issues and why today we struggle to effectively clean, disinfect and ultimately sterilize surfaces when required.

Learning Objectives:

  • Empower professionals to evaluate surface materials and textiles before product design

  • Questions and data to review for validation

  • Understand ways to work with surface material companies

Instructions For Use (IFUs) in the Healthcare Environment

Manufacturers bring innovative solutions to the healthcare industry and often unknowingly set healthcare professionals up for failure. In this session, we will discuss how this happens and how to develop a collaboration to 1) develop test methods that effectively validate products, and 2) create instructions for use (IFUs) that can be implemented into existing infection prevention protocol and processes.

Learning objectives:

  • Empower attendees to develop a collaborative team to review product implementation and IFUs before completion of product design

  • Understand who the experts are and why it is so important to talk with them BEFORE product design

  • Gain clarity around test method development

  • Understanding testing requirements and what to do if there are none


Guidelines & Criteria for Surface Selection

The selection of surface materials BEFORE using them in the built environment or for product or device design is imperative. It is currently difficult to find guidance for the selection of surface materials and testing data that validates materials can be effectively cleaned, disinfected or sterilized without causing damage. In this session we will talk about different materials, manufacturer recommendations and what happens when products are put together as assemblies.

Interactive discussion: Hurdles professionals encounter when selecting surface materials and barriers manufacturers face when bringing innovation to the market.

Learning objectives:

  • Empower attendees to select surface materials based on specific product performance requirements

  • Support professionals in the development of checklists that require specific data and testing validation be included for evaluation before products are purchased

  • Require clear instructions for use (IFUs) that fit into infection prevention protocols and process to avoid voided warranties

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