Surface safety is a highly specialized topic with many aspects, from materials to design parameters and regulatory compliance. Education and training can help your team improve infection prevention and avoid costly mistakes when purchasing devices and equipment, designing/renovating facilities or establishing cleaning/disinfection protocols.

Our expert instructors will educate your staff about:

  • Surface properties and configurations that support – or hinder – infection control

  • Surfaces that cannot be cleaned and how to avoid them before they are purchased

  • Manufacturer recommendations and warnings – what they don’t know and how you can help

  • Misconceptions regarding solutions such as anti-microbials and “self-cleaning” materials

  • Promising new surface technologies that can help reduce HAIs

Training sessions

Choose from these training sessions or contact us for a customized presentation. All topics can be presented as a workshop or webinar.

For infection preventionists, environmental services staff and facility managers

  • “Surfaces Are the Bottom Line in Infection Prevention” (1 hour)

  • “Surfaces Selection before Product Design” (1 hour)

For architects and designers

  • “Surfaces in Healthcare: Impact on Infection Control in the Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities" (1 hour)

For product manufacturers

  • “Healthcare Surfaces: Challenges and Recommendations” (1 hour)

For all audiences

  • “Selecting Cleanable Surfaces: What to Ask before You Buy” (1 hour)

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