Consulting Services for Surface Materials Manufacturers

The healthcare market is very dynamic, lucrative and often incredibly frustrating for companies coming to the market with innovation and ideas for addressing the issue of infection prevention.

We have heard comments such as:

Why is it so difficult to reach the people you need to reach?”

“The company has invested heavily in the healthcare marketing, and we still don't have the traction we anticipated. We will not be spending any more revenue in this market segment.”

“I am tired of those people! I couldn’t even get an appointment to present my products. I don’t think they care!"

Yes, it is complicated – but Healthcare Surface Consulting can help.

The Dark Cloud

Is there a dark cloud of negativity filling the room during pitch presentations that leaves you with the impression that no one is hearing what you are saying? Chances are you don’t have all of the right people at the table — or you do, and have missed the mark on what they are looking for and need to hear before saying yes to your new project. 

The healthcare market has many layers of high-level experts each with a clear understanding of the infection control issue, as it relates to their area of expertise. The problem is there are many aspects of the issue that are not addressed, which happens when expertise is siloed and not working with each other to find sustainable solutions.

Contact us if...

  • You have a product or solution that is perfect for the healthcare market space.
  • You don't know how to reach the key decision makers.
  • You are struggling to get an appointment with the correct decision makers to present your product or solution.
  • You have (or your company has) invested heavily in marketing to the healthcare industry, but you still don't have the traction you anticipated.

Our Services

  • Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing plan development
  • Sales Team training
    • Identify ALL key decision makers – who is being left out?
    • How to access the right people at the same time
    • Who’s got budget?
    • Healthcare hurdles – how to cross them without falling down
    • Manufacturer partnerships
  • New Product Design, Development, and Product Launch
    • Collaboration between Design, Engineering, Research and Development and healthcare partners

Speaking Events and Webinars

Key decision makers are always looking for educational programs that provide insight into issues they face. Host an event locally, regionally or nationally that provides not only educational information but great networking, and information gathering opportunities.

Contact us to discuss presentation content and ideas! Presentations include audience interaction.