Surfaces and their role in preventing HAIs have become foundational issues in healthcare, and manufacturers have a critical role to play in addressing these challenges:

  • Many high-touch surfaces are overlooked or discounted.

  • Many different surface materials may be used in a single device or piece of furniture or equipment.

  • Design elements such as seams, connection points, and inaccessible areas may make cleaning and disinfection difficult or impossible.

  • Rapid room turnover in high-traffic areas such as emergency departments often does not permit sufficient time to adequately clean and disinfect all surfaces.

Understanding and addressing all these cleaning and disinfection issues must be a high priority during product design and development.

Unfortunately, few if any guidelines exist for manufacturers to use in testing/validating their surface materials and products. Additionally, various healthcare decision makers look at testing data from different perspectives. To avoid additional costs and ongoing testing, Healthcare Surface Consulting is the conduit that can help you work closely with hard-to-reach healthcare professionals.

Another major challenge in healthcare is determining the best routes to market. HSC will work with your organization to overcome the standard hurdles found when you bring your product to the healthcare market.

Consulting services

Product Development

  • Serve as a conduit between your company and healthcare professionals to obtain critical input on their concerns and requirements at an early stage in product development

  • Assist with new product design, development and launch

Sales Training

  • Train your sales team to answer typical healthcare facility questions about surface safety