Expert Surface Evaluation for the Healthcare Environment

Research shows that surfaces are active in the spread of infection, however, there is a serious lack of understanding and attention to the reason surfaces are such a contributing factor to the spread of infection. We can help with that.

Healthcare Surface Consulting tackles the 7 critical aspects of surface safety that must be understood and addressed together to see a reduction in the spread of HAIs by surfaces, including:

  1. Surface types, characteristics, how they are used and where they are located
  2. The assembly of different surfaces together
  3. Microbiology and how pathogens survive and spread
  4. Where surfaces should be located
  5. Human behavior and how they work with and around all the different surfaces
  6. Cleaning and disinfection process, protocol, products, and compatibility
  7. The understanding of surface manufacturer warnings

Our Services:

Surface Evaluation

Surface selection and support setting criteria for your facility

Whether evaluating existing surfaces prior to a renovation project or new materials for a new construction project, the evaluation process is very similar. Surface types and materials must be evaluated to gain a clear understanding of the issues. We work with you in a phased approach:

  1. Phase I – Fact Finding
  2. Phase II – Written Report
  3. Evaluation Wrap-Up

This evaluation process involves participation from your infection control, facilities management, and environmental services teams, as well as outside contractors hired by healthcare facilities. The final report is presented in person at the healthcare facility.

Issue Remediation Plan

Surface standards and criteria for your facility based on our 7 Aspects of Surface Selection methodology

Taking the findings from the Surface Evaluation service, a customized report is developed providing options that address the issues identified. Healthcare Surface Consulting works closely with the healthcare facilities team, contractors, surfacing manufacturers and disinfection companies to optimize the space for effective infection prevention.

Surface Selection Criteria Development

documented surface criteria guidelines for your healthcare facility

Every healthcare facility should have surface criteria guidelines based on preventing HAIs. Based on these guidelines, manufacturers and design professionals provide you with data for selecting products and surfaces that will meet your facility's needs for cleaning and disinfection.

The Healthcare Surface Consulting team will work directly with your facility to develop this criteria, which requires specific data and information, to ensure surfaces meet your needs. Selecting surfaces is a daunting task. Setting standard criteria and not specifying specific surface materials opens up the options to use products that can be effectively cleaned, disinfected, sterilized and maintained. This also supports preservation of capital efforts as well as supports infection control protocol.  

Product Testing and Validations

Ensure all surface materials are compatible with disinfection processes and products

Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization can cause serious surface damage when different surface materials are combined on one product. When a product has a combination of surface materials and connection points, staff is put to the challenge – and often set up for failure – when not all surface products are compatible with disinfecting products and processes. Healthcare Surface Consulting works with product manufacturers and healthcare professionals to test and validate that a product can be effectively cleaned with current disinfection products and processes used by your facility. 


Manufacturing care and maintenance requirements

Exciting announcement coming soon!

New Construction Evaluation

A surface evaluation designed to integrate surface safety into every aspect of a new healthcare facility construction project

New construction surface evaluation is slightly different from an existing surface evaluation. New space is designed using both soft and hard surfaces. We will recommend surfaces that have characteristics that support continuous cleaning and disinfection protocol in this challenging environment.

During the evaluation process, we focus on specific areas, such as within three feet of the patient, where bioburden is particularly heavy due to patient shedding. We will evaluate effective combinations of soft and hard surfaces conducive to effective cleaning and disinfection protocol, along with consistent hand hygiene procedures, that will significantly reduce the potential for cross-contamination.