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Surfaces Are the Bottom Line in Infection Prevention

It doesn’t matter how much or what kind of disinfectant you use on a surface if the surface itself isn’t cleanable, and provides a place for pathogens to leech through and grow. Insisting that the right surfaces are used in your facility is where the battle begins against healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

Intended audience

Infection Preventionists, Environmental Services staff, Facilities Management

Learning objectives
  • Identify surfaces that cannot be cleaned
  • Understand which surface characteristics support infection prevention strategies
  • Identify and avoid problems created during the construction process that prevent effective cleaning and disinfection protocol
  • Become empowered to ask questions and collect data that will provide a solid foundation for selecting surfaces that support cleaning and disinfection protocol
Presentation length

One hour

Surfaces in Healthcare: Impact on Infection Control

Focus on Design and Construction

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are the third leading cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer. They are preventable. In fact, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has determined that, because these infections are preventable, they are no longer eligible for reimbursement.

Despite intense education, hand hygiene controls, and refined cleaning and disinfection protocols, there has not been a significant decline in HAIs. The financial impact for healthcare facilities in the US is estimated at $30 billion annually.

Surfaces play an active role in the transmission of infection. For this reason, careful surface selection is critical in the design and construction phase. Without focused attention on the selection of surfaces to be used, microbial reservoirs can be built into the healthcare setting, creating a complex environment for cleaning and disinfection. Recognizing this is the first step in a multimodal approach to reducing the number of HAIs.

Intended audience

Architects, Designers, Infection Preventionists

Learning objectives
  • Realize the shift of focus from “heads in beds” to quality of care for healthcare administrators
  • Understand the financial impact of HAIs for healthcare facilities
  • Identify codes and standards specific to surfaces and how to ensure compliance
  • Understand the role surfaces play in the spread of infection
  • Become empowered to select surfaces that support infection prevention strategies
Presentation length

One hour

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