The Healthcare Surface Consulting Mission

Our mission is to reduce the spread of infections and save lives by engaging with healthcare professionals, manufacturers and design professionals to address the critical relationship between surfaces within the healthcare environment and healthcare-associated infections (HAI).

Our focus is on all surfaces within the healthcare environment including soft, hard, porous and non-porous as well as the many different assemblies created when combining surface materials. With this in mind, our goal is to work collaboratively with others to execute on the following:

  • Provide education about healthcare surfaces and the many ways they actively contribute to the spread of HAIs
  • Advocate for the use of surfaces that can be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized effectively
  • Empower healthcare facility professionals to develop surface standards and requirements
  • Educate healthcare professionals, Designers, regulating agencies and others
  • Provide check lists, references and testing data for evaluation before products and surfaces are selected and installed
  • Work with manufacturers to understand infection prevention requirements and develop cleaning and maintenance guidelines that align with the CDC recommendation specific to the healthcare environment
  • Research disinfection products and processes to determine long term effects on healthcare surfaces and products

It is not enough to learn every physical characteristic of a given surface material or even all surface materials. It is not enough to become an expert in the latest disinfection agents and protocols. This data must be combined with an understanding of the patient care process and insight into human behavior patterns. Only by bringing all these aspects together to form a comprehensive understanding of the issues can we begin to develop the sweeping changes that will be required to make a significant reduction in the rate of infection.

Who we work with

  • Healthcare professionals:
    • Facilities Management
    • Infection Prevention
    • Environmental Services
    • Administration
  • Researchers
  • Manufacturers
  • Architects and Designers

How we engage

  • General Consulting Services
    • Phone/Skype calls
    • On site consulting half day or full day
  • Education
  • Development and implementation of surface standards for healthcare facilities
  • Projects
  • Research
  • Manufacturer Support
    • Product development
    • Testing
    • Business Development
  • Workshops and Training

Surface Evaluation

It is generally not well understood how surfaces support or inhibit the ability of microbes to move within a facility. Critical information is overlooked, such as which agents can be used to clean and disinfect specific surfaces. How surfaces are constructed and layered to prevent microbial reservoirs and how often they can/should be used.

The Surface Evaluation service looks at all surfaces, the human interaction around the surfaces and their ability to be cleaned and disinfected effectively. A written report is generated, presenting findings and providing recommendations for addressing critical areas.

Roadshow Presentation

Open the door to new customers or strengthen existing relationships by sponsoring a roadshow presentation. Information is covered at a high level providing an opportunity for sponsors to present specific products and services information.

Hands-on half or full-day workshops are available to educate your staff on a variety of topics related to surfaces in healthcare. Typical audiences include infection control professionals, Environmental Services staff, architect and design professionals, and product manufacturers.

If you are interested in what we do and would like more information, please contact Linda via email or call 425-223-0508.

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