Antimicrobial Surfaces are NOT “Self-Cleaning”

During a community tour of a new critical access hospital, I was shocked to see carpet leading from the main entry of the hospital, up the stairs and throughout the entire patient care area. Hallways and nursing station areas all carpeted. This was not continuous carpet, it was carpet tiles …

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Seven Aspects of Surface Selection

Surface Selection

Research clearly shows that microbes live on surfaces for days, weeks, or even months after cleaning. As more research is published and more is learned, evidence continues to show that surfaces have an active role in the transmission of microbes and ultimately in the spread of infection. Surface selection and …

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Required Manufacturer Testing

Manufacturer Testing

A step in the right direction The recent requirement imposed by the FDA for scope manufacturers to test their products is a step in the right direction and hopefully testing requirements won’t be limited to just scopes. The next step is to develop clear testing requirements, which will provide indisputable …

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View Surfaces as an Assembly


Virtually all healthcare surfaces are difficult, if not impossible, to clean. That is a very scary thought considering research shows surfaces are active in the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). We continue to learn about emerging diseases and the microbes that survive on surfaces for days and weeks, even after …

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Special Report by Infection Control Today

I was recently interviewed for a special report by Infection Control Today that was released Monday, August 25th, titled “Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces: What the Infection Preventionist Should Know.” Unfortunately, I was not offered the opportunity to review the content before the paper was published, which resulted in a couple of misquotes and some …

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What We Can’t See Can Hurt Us

We evaluate the cleanliness of surfaces in the healthcare environment by how they look. If they look clean they must be clean, right? Not so fast. Research has shown that pathogens live on surfaces for days, weeks, even months after they have been cleaned. How can this be? There is the potential …

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Antimicrobial Copper: Does It Clean Itself?

Everyone is looking for a solution to the issue of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Many discussions I have had lately indicate that people are looking at copper as the solution. After all, it cleans itself doesn’t it? The answer is no. As with any surface material, copper needs to be …

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Surfaces in Healthcare: How Complicated Can They Really Be?

Over the last 15 years, I have been involved in many meetings with professionals about the selection of surfaces in healthcare. It may surprise you to learn that many of these professionals believe that surfaces are just surfaces. They look at them more as design features or pieces of furniture …

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Infection Control and Surfaces

Welcome to our new Healthcare Surface Blog! It is always hard to know where to begin blogging, especially when there is so much to talk about!  So I have decided to begin with some basics for you to consider. Surface Contamination The selection of healthcare surfaces is critical when addressing …

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