Granite - the Sponge You Can't Squeeze

Following a porosity test, the bottom side of a granite sample (right) shows staining and mold growth, unlike the undisturbed solid surface material on the left.

New Laminate Surface Micrograph

Micrograph of a new laminate surface shows a very smooth and consistent surface texture.

Laminate Surface Cleaned Once

The same laminate surface material, cleaned once. Many cleaning products can cause unseen damage that act as microbial reservoirs.

Hand Hygiene is Critical!

Twenty to forty percent of HAIs have been attributed to cross infection via the hands of healthcare personnel who have become contaminated from direct contact with patients or contaminated surfaces.

Design With Cleaning in Mind

This typical sink area was not designed to be cleaned effectively. It is virtually impossible to clean the narrow gullies to the right and rear of this sink.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with others to save lives and mitigate the spread of infection within the healthcare environment by addressing the critical issue of surfaces. Healthcare Surface Consulting is the only consulting firm focused on surfaces, the science of surfaces and how they contribute to the spread of infection.

Antimicrobial Surfaces are NOT “Self-Cleaning”

Antimicrobial Surfaces are NOT “Self-Cleaning”
During a community tour of a new critical access hospital, I was shocked to see carpet leading from the main entry of the hospital, up...

Seven Aspects of Surface Selection

Seven Aspects of Surface Selection
Research clearly shows that microbes live on surfaces for days, weeks, or even months after cleaning. As more research is published and more is learned,...

Required Manufacturer Testing

Required Manufacturer Testing
A step in the right direction The recent requirement imposed by the FDA for scope manufacturers to test their products is a step in the...